Bachelor Chow: Taco Dip

I’m breaking away from the normal garage or otherwise motorsport focused content here, and diving into food. This is the fuel for myself, something that I don’t ponder much like I do the fuel for the engines in my care, yet is still important. If I’m not firing on all cylinders how can I make anything else run right. A week or two back I remembered I really like taco dip, and it is something easy to make that lasts for many meals. I tend to cook too much since I don’t want to have to re-fire the grill for round two. Taco dip on the other hand, at least the way I make it, is good for a bunch of meals so I’m always good to go. Here is my personal recipe, Eric’s hot set-up if you will. I normally get 3-4 meals out of this recipe. I’m using a rectangular Pyrex 6 cup storage container to make this in, it is just big enough so 7-8 cups might even work better.

(1lb) Lean Ground Beef
(1) Pack of Taco Seasoning
(4 oz) Sour Cream
(4 oz) Cream Cheese
(1 Forkfull) Diced Jalapeño Peppers
(3-4 Forkfull) Salsa
(4 oz) Chopped Lettuce
(4 oz) Shredded “Mexican Cheese Mix”
(1) Bag of Tortilla Chips

1.  Cook the beef per the seasoning instructions. Generally this is brown the beef in the skillet. Drain the fat. Add the seasoning and 3/4 of a cup of water, bring to a boil. Let simmer.
2.  Put the beef into the 6 cup Pyrex container (or your container of choosing) and let cool.
3.  Mix the sour cream, cream cheese, diced jalapeño peppers, salsa. Spread over the seasoned ground beef.
4.  Cover the beef and other ingredients with chopped lettuce.
5.  Cover the lettuce with shredded cheese.
6. Any other taco type condemns can be added to this at your discretion. Diced tomatoes, avocado, olives or the like.

Once the dish is made attack it with the tortilla chips until satisfied. When you have had your fill, cover and put in the fridge. It will be ready to provide further nourishment when you need it. I have found this to be a healthier, more satisfying, and cheaper alternative to frozen pizza or chicken strips. You could also triple the recipe, and use that old TH400 oil pan sitting in the garage as a serving dish (make sure it is properly cleaned), to impress your friends by brining actual food to a party. I know it is weird to use the stove and refrigerator for more than just heating engine cases and freezing bearings, but food can also be made with these kitchen appliances. Anyways, fill your belly with some easy to make food, then attack those backlogged projects.  Good luck out there, have fun, and Godspeed.

-Eric Archambault

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